Gain and Share Performance / Motorsport Knowledge...for a JOB!

Posted 3 years ago

Gain and Share Performance / Motorsport Knowledge...for a JOB!

High Performance Academy Ltd
Full Time Job


Looking for a job? Ready for something new, exciting, challenging and rewarding?
Are you interested in gaining and sharing tuning knowledge? Are you passionate about performance cars?
If that all sounds like you then we have the perfect job for you.

In our Queenstown based workshop there is an engine bolted to an engine dyno and it's fitted with an engine management system and all the sensors you need for tuning. Students from anywhere in the world can dial into this system using remote desktop software and operate the dyno as if they were sitting in front of it.
This piece of technology allows us to teach people how to tune in a truly hands on fashion at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-person training. The Remote Practice Dyno also gives beginners a place where they can practice tuning for a small hourly fee, with no risk and at a time that suits them.
It's an amazing tool and we’re looking to bring on a "Remote Dyno Tutor & Manager" to ensure it sees it's full potential.

The "Remote Dyno Tutor & Manager" title isn't one you would have heard of before - This is because it's a world first. The system we have developed lets students from anywhere in the world get "hands on" real time dyno tuning experience and education without leaving the house.

#### So what would you do day today?###
* Host 1-on-1 lessons with students from all over the world (don't worry we will thoroughly train you first)
* Grow this side of the business by running demos to potential students.
* Manage new bookings and provide customer support
* Manage basic maintenance of dyno engines
* Organise and develop infrastructure (online booking systems, fuel systems, exhaust extraction etc) to help automate and improve operation.

#### What kind of skills or traits are we looking for? ###
* Awesome customer service ability with strong written (email) communication skills
* Previous tuning experience is a plus but not needed
* Ability to teach and generally be helpful
* Must be self confident and enthusiastic
* Great at time management and organisation
* You must be self motivated to succeed in this position

#### How much money are we paying? ###
*$60-80k depending on skills, experience

Apply for this job

### How do you apply? ###

Email me using the following template:

Phone Number:
Rough Available Start Date (if successful):
Current address:
A paragraph or two about why we should hire you:
Are you legally able to work in New Zealand:
We will contact you for a quick Skype or similar video call if you make it through to the next round :)

Use the following form to email the employer. Please note that a valid working visa is required to work in New Zealand. Employers aren't able to obtain a visa for you, so please do not enquire about the job unless you have a visa.

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